Get Ready For Tomorrow!

We all come across sudden situations in our life. Uncertainty is something that comes free of charge along with this life and birth. We never know what can happen tomorrow, we cannot be so sure of anything. But still we have hope that tomorrow will be a better day, a better tomorrow.

But what if your tomorrow is not going to be a better one or a good one? Do you know that in advance? That is why taking chances are really risky with this. The best part out of them all is problems that occur all of a sudden in your health. Today your body will be so energetic, you are fast an eagle and sharp like a tiger, but tomorrow, can you expect the same performances without any disturbances?

Such uncertainty will always be there in our lives. Especially when it comes to our good health, we cannot be so sure on anything, even about our performances.

I just started to remind a good incident that was happen to one of my friends, one of my closest. He lived a life with full of comfort. A life with all the right facilities that were all came with a large price tag on it. He was too overjoyed all the time and never thought twice to spend money when it comes to his luxury living. Enjoyed all fine dining in classy restaurants and never stepped to a boutique store to buy his requirements but to all branded stores in the town.

One day he realized that something was not okay with him anymore. He came up with a severe toothache and suffered like nothing and finally went to a dentist, first of all doctors recommended him a root canal treatment, but that was something serious in his situation where, there was a nerve that went on top of the root which is a serious condition.

He was not able to go to work or attend his normal routine that means he was right on the bottoms in his financials as he was a shop owner. Luckily he was able to cover some part of the total expense with the fund of medisave for dental.

But still he was not able to cover the whole treatment charge and the other bills. And he wanted us to help him out. Now he clearly knows what uncertainty means when it comes to real living. That was just a small incident which happened, that might not seem as a big problem though, but why you need to go behind another person if you have enough savings in your account to face the uncertainty?

Anthony Hurst

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