How To Pull Off A Surprise Party

Be it a birthday, baby shower or bachelorette party, everyone loves a surprise! If you’re looking to make someone’s day extra special, there are a few additional steps you need to take when you’re looking to surprise them.

At the very outset, you need to decide WHERE the surprise party is going to be held. If the surprise is for someone you live with, planning gets a little complex, but nothing you can’t pull off. If the party is at the home of the one you’re surprising you need to find means to get the person out of their house for a while. If the venue is elsewhere, all the better. Planning and decorating gets a lot easier and stress free! You’ll find countless places that deliver the best cakes in Singapore suited for any and every occasion.

The next step is inviting friends and family of the person being surprised. If it’s a family member, inviting the guests is an easy task, however ask around and check if they’ve made any new friends lately and don’t fail to include everyone important in their life! Inviting the guests for a surprise party through the phone would be the safest way, that way you can fill them in on the venue with a blushing floral stand and the plan without being caught red handed. However, written invitations make it more formal, as long as you don’t leave any lying around!

In order to decorate the place if it’s in the home of the person being surprised, figure out a non-suspicious way of getting them out of the house for a while. Get a few people down early to help you with the decorating. In the case of cake, there are numerous places that can do the cake delivery for you, making your job a smooth sailing.

The surprise
Finally, it’s time for the surprise. Once all the guests have arrived, run through with the plan again, and appoint a few for different roles such as playing the music and confetti throwing. It’s vital to ensure that every guest arrives on time, so that no one comes in the way of the surprise. Call the person to be surprised asking where they are (in a casual tone, of course) just so that you can figure out a time frame at which they’d arrive at the venue. If the venue is not at their place, make up a believable excuse to get there on time and keep someone on the inside informed.

Follow these steps through to throw an ideal surprise party!