Jobs That Will Have A High Demand In The Future

If you are trying to pick a career you need to choose one in an area of work that will have jobs with a high demand in the future. If not, your line of work might become obsolete and you might find yourself unemployed. This is a situation that is being created by the development of technology. A lot of jobs are being automated because this is more cost effective for companies. Sometimes jobs become obsolete because the product you are creating becomes out dated. For instance, many writers might find themselves out of jobs because of the number of newspapers that have shut down due to low circulation. Other objects like battery manufacturing companies have gone out of business with the development of rechargeable devices. Therefore if you are trying to pick a job in a field that will provide you with job security you can consider some of the options given below.

Hospitality management in the services sector

A lot of jobs in the services sector might see automation in the near future. However if you find work in an area like diploma in tourism you can ensure that you have job security because this is not an area that can be automated. The human element is essential in hospitality. Since many businesses are investing in hotels around the world you will also be able to find work in numerous countries.

Success in this area will depend a lot on work experience and your personality and talent. For instance you must have the ability to talk to people and make them feel at home when they enter your hotel. However following a few hospitality courses will help you polish this skill and give you the necessary paper qualifications when applying for a job.

IT sector

The IT sector is booming with the development of apps and new technology. You can be a part of this by studying IT. Some of the biggest companies in the world are tech companies so you will have a lot of prospects for employment in this field.


Entrepreneurship is not something that can be taught. However if you have the right instincts this is definitely something you can learn to do. You can play an important part in this new wave of innovation by being the connecting factor between inventors and the market. Apart from a good business sense you should have the ability to see the potential and the various applications of a certain product when you introduce it to the market. Sometimes this might not be the same application for which the product was invented.

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