Organizing Your Office Christmas Party

Being given the responsibility of organizing your office Christmas party means that you will need to put together a spectacular party with a limited budget. While this is going to be a challenge, the organizing process is also going to be a lot of fun. It is important for you to try and look outside the box and try to make something happen without spending too much money.

Make a list of the things that you will need to organizeThe first thing you will need to do is to make a list of the things that you will need to organize so that you have an idea about how much you will need to spend on the event. You will need to look in to sound system rental in Singapore, food for the night, decorations, music and other entertainment. You will also need to give out gifts to the staff to show appreciation for everything that they have done for the company in the past year.

Hiring an event company to organize the event for you will certainly cost a lot of money and therefore, you will have to find ways of organizing it yourself with the help of your colleagues.

Secret SantaIn the weeks before the party, organize a secret Santa event where each member of staff is asked to write their names on a paper and put it in a box. After this, they will be asked to pick a name from the box and they will then be Secret Santa to the person whose name they picked. They will need to give the person little surprises throughout the weeks leading up to the party and they will have to give a gift to the person on the day of the office party. They will also be given a budget which they will have to work with to ensure that everyone gets a gift that is similar in price.

Potluck partyOne way to reduce the expenditure for the party while also making it fun for all your colleagues is to host a potluck party. You can save a lot of money on having to cater for everyone and everyone will also have the opportunity to show off their special cooking skills to their colleagues. Have a list of things that are needed and have some bring in the essentials while others choose to bring in what they want. This will give a lot of variety to the party and will help you to work within your budget to bring out an amazing party.

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