Paying Through College

College is a turning point in a person’s life. This is the first opportunity in which we are sent away from home, sometimes to foreign countries and we live with others of our own age and interests. It is a time when we are finally treated as adults and the first time we realize that our actions have a lasting impression and an effect on our lives. This is also the first time in which we understand true freedom and what it means to be an adult.

With the fun, party side of college comes the other, the one with all the responsibilities. Unless your parents are financing your every whim, you will realize that you will need to finance at least certain aspects of your life. It may be a certain part of your college tuition, your lodging fee, food or simply just pocket money, however, this is when you realize you cannot ask your parents for everything, and it is almost demeaning to continue asking for pocket money from your parents at such a mature age. Thus, most college students turn to part time jobs or simply cut down and save up on the monthly ration from the parents.

Getting a Job

Finding yourself a part time job is not only good money, but if you find it in the field in which you are studying, it will be very good experience as well. This will also get you some much needed pocket money along with making you eligible for payday loans, which is a scheme where you are given a small loan at a minimal interest rate which you need to payback at your next payday.

Most students are forced to take on money lenders in Singapore during the course of their college careers in order to pay for various items, be it food or an apartment or a car, however, having a job will give you the freedom to pay it back during that time itself, rather than drag it out to when you start working and continue piling on the student loans you already have.

Summer Internships

This is yet again taking on a job, however, unlike working at the bar counter, there are ample internship opportunities for college students around the world. This will be an exciting new opportunity to travel the world and still be able to earn some pocket money. Also, unlike working in a grocery store, this will give you your first exposure to real life working experience in your particular field. It will be very tough, internship programs are generally designed to be tough so as to filter out the best among the group, thus, hold on and power through, as you might just have made yourself an unbelievable stepping stone for your future career.