Prepping Before Becoming A Bride

Becoming a bride is a special moment in one’s life. Every girl wants to look good on her wedding day. However, one needs to start prepping their body beforehand to get that glow on the wedding and even after that. There are couple of things which a bride-to-be cannot miss and some of them have been mentioned below.

Start the treatment before hand

One cannot start doing treatments just two weeks before their wedding date as it is not going to be effective. They should start at least 6 months prior. This includes going for all the clean-ups regularly, and going for hair spa. One should also go for body massages, to relax themselves and to achieve that glow. Apart from this one should start eating healthy food, this would help them to lose weight and to achieve clear looking skin.

Prep the face

There are many bridal treatments and one should choose the one which best suits them. Apart from salon clean-ups one should also do home remedies which are equally effective. If one wants to get longer lashes without using mascara then they should do eyelash perm. This is when the eyelashes are curled and this would give the mascara effect without even using it. However this would last for maximum 3 months, so one should do it 2 months before the wedding for longer lasting effect.

Prepping hair and body

Most of the brides want longer hair for their wedding to experiment with different kinds of hairstyles. Hair care is equally important as skin. If one has thin hair then they should go to a doctor, they would prescribe medicines to thicken it. Apart from that there are various salon treatments which promise to give longer looking hair. If one has thin eyebrows and want it to look fuller for their wedding and honeymoon then they should get eyebrow embroidery done. This would give them thicker brows without using tattoo gun or even bleeding. For those who are very hairy could get laser treatment done 6 months before the wedding. They shouldn’t leave this for the very end because laser requires couple of sessions. One should also prep their body, they should feed good and healthy food and stay away from oily food as that would not only make them fat but also spoil their skin. One should exercise daily to get that natural flush of cheeks.

Lastly the bride needs to relax herself. With all the hassle that comes with wedding in terms of shopping and prepping herself, she needs to get enough sleep. Also it is important for one to be happy within to get that glow on their big day!

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