Some Effective Office Protection Measures

Oftentimes you may hold valuables or even confidential information in your workplace. Here are a few measures you can take to protect your office.

Get a safe

Having a safe in your workplace, will be a good way to store any valuables that you may have from any prying eyes. However, the drawback is that it does not limit or prevent anyone from breaking into your office itself. Try to get a safe that you can attach to the wall so that it can’t be detached easily. It is also important that the safe is somewhat heavy so that it cannot be carried. Make sure you don’t keep the combination to your safe within the office premises itself.


Having your office entrance or the room itself constantly monitored by cameras, could help identify any intruders who may try to break in. Look for a well reputed company that specialises in installing CCTV camera in Singapore, as they will have experience and knowledge as to the angle to set the camera as well as the height it should be mounted in. You will of course need to record the footage on a remote location and have a security guard constantly monitor them. Apart from identifying the intruders, it could also prevent them from breaking in altogether if they see that the area is being monitored.

Biometric locks

Although they may be a tad bit expensive, these are some of the greatest forms of security you can have for your office. A skilled burglar will be able to picklock almost any conventional door locks, however a biometric lock can only be unlocked using the thumb prints of those that are authorised for entry. If you found a well reputed security company for your CCTV installation, they may be able to provide you with these locks as well and also install them for you. If you are interested about HD CCTV you can visit this site


Having an alarm installed in all of the exits to the office premises, can alert the security guards of any intrusions into the building. Make sure that you activate the alarm systems only when you won’t be entering your office for some time, such as at night, in order to prevent accidentally triggering them yourself. The alarm should also be installed in such a way that it cannot be deactivated unless on the inside. If you are relying solely on the alarms for your security, you may need a power backup generator as well so that it functions during a power cut.

These are a few security measures that you can take to protect your office.